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Premessa di Carlo Gazzola The. 7
Some notes on the historical avant-garde of Arturo Schwarz
The origins, Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Abstract, Given, Il Surrealismo.
The. 10
By Shape 1 the Art Nuclear:
movements and artistic currents
of Luigi Sansone
Form 1, Spazialismo, Concrete Art Movement, Free Association Visual Arts (L.A.A.F.) e Art Club, New Front of the Arts, Group of Eight, Informal Art,Nuclear Movement.
The. 19
Note of use by Carlo Gazzola The. 32
Birth – 1914
He lives and studies in Milan.
The. 35
1918 – 1919
In war.
The. 35
1919 – 1920
He moved to Genoa.
The. 37
1921 – 1922
Lives in Pra '.
The. 38
1923 – 1924
Exhibits in Genoa.
The. 39
1925 – 1926
Exposes in Liguria – Married Henrietta – He returned to Piacenza – First exhibition to the Friends of Art.
The. 40
Shows trends futurist – Exhibits in Piacenza – Illustrates newspapers – Print the first postcards.
The. 42
First solo exhibition – First publications – First contacts with F. T. Marinetti.
The. 46
Discusses "The Dark" – Exposes, as futurist, Milan's premises "Art Newspaper" and Pesaro – Public Self futurist and Just! – Has a serious admission to hospital.
The. 54
He exhibited at the XVII Biennial of Venice and Pesaro – Public Flora futurist and "Slingshot".
The. 78
He exhibited at the Pesaro and at Piacenza visited by F. T. Marinetti – Public Bot and printing 1926-27-28-29-30-31, 30 Futurist paintings, "The Slingshot" and playing cards – Produces billboards and the first cartopitture and ferroplastiche.
The. 93
Exhibits in Piacenza visited by F. T. Marinetti, in Paris, a Monaco, the eighteenth Venice Biennale, 1.a Show in Rome at the Bersagliere and Bragalia not for sale – Oswaldo Bot in public 1924-1925-1926-1927-1928, Oswaldo Bot and read prime woodcutting – Receives rebuke from Corrado Rocchi – Founded the "Futurist Group Piacentino – Produce sculptures.
The. 130
Exhibits in Piacenza visited by Achille Starace, Athens, to Pesaro, Bragalia out to trade and the "First National Exhibition of Futurist Art" in Rome, the House of Artists and Cultural Club Nazario Sauro in Milan – Publish "Artecrazia", Svecchiamo the registry!, N. 20 Sfumoxilografie several colors painter Oswaldo Bot Plaisance, "Italian Futurista", "The Holy Machine" and sfumografie – Founded the "Futurist Group Piacentino" – Produce ferroplastiche.
The. 190
Exhibits in Naples – Public Dux. 14 Impressions of Oswaldo Bot and Interviews with Africa – Performs murals – Start detachment from the Futurists, goes to Africa, where he exhibited, is counted among the great woodcut and knows Lorenzo Viani.
The. 227
Exhibits in Piacenza and in Sarzana – Publish "Africa", Interviews with the Africa, The animals Taauruk and sfumografie – Ben Crea Naham Abilàdi.
The. 264
Go to Messina – Exhibits in Piacenza and shows Coloniali – Performs murals – Public Novelle antipnotiche and Bot.
The. 288
Performs murals – Public lyrics and sfumoxilografie.
The. 305
Exhibits in Piacenza with the "Exhibition of Wood Africans" – Create the "home affricana" and abjuration Futurism – Continue the production of works in African style.
The. 312
Exhibited in various cities – Seeds and public sfottetti on him, Artistic activities of the Painter Oswaldo Bot with a list of exhibitions and publications made, booklets and other sfumoxilografie – For Africa.
The. 327
Exhibits in Tripoli – Publishes books in Tripoli and on his return from Africa – Reveals that Ben Bot and Naham Abilàdi are the same person.
The. 340
Exposes a Milano – Public Italo Balbo – We are at war.
The. 362
Exhibits in Piacenza to the National Association of Fascist and Artist Laureate of Piacenza – Produces monotypes and sculptures of different materials.
The. 366
Exhibits in Piacenza – Public Decorative Art metaphysical – Displaced by Castelsangiovanni (Piacenza)
The. 392
Exhibits in Voghera – Public are not a serious man – Meets Emilio Vedova and Augusto Murer in Belluno.
The. 400
Exhibits in Piacenza, in Rovescala and in Belluno – Public lyrics and libretti – Displaced in Cortemaggiore (Piacenza).
The. 402
Exhibits in Piacenza – Publish "The Slingshot" – It should be in Veneto – Start the post-war reconstruction.
The. 409
Exhibits in Piacenza – I do not publish ò heart and "Slingshot" – Waiver of "home affricana".
The. 419
Exhibits in Piacenza and in Salsomaggiore – Study the color.
The. 425
Exhibits in Piacenza, Cremona, Bologna and Rimini – A Cortemaggiore paints for Agip – Produce pagliacci, dilapidated houses and abstract works of prevailing yellow.
The. 428
Exhibits in Piacenza, Parma, Milan, Savona, Suzzara and Mantua – Public 10 Ink, watercolor painter of Osvaldo Bot – Produce sculptures Albisola ad (Savona) and abstract paintings with vivid colors.
The. 434
Exhibits in Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Rome (VI Quadrennial) – Enter the Collection Zavattini – Relates Tato – Produce collage.
The. 446
Exhibits in Piacenza – Is operated in the eyes of cataract – Produces sculptures in furnaces and Piccinelli ferroplastiche abstract with a blowtorch.
The. 452
Exhibits in Piacenza, Forlì and Rome – Produce clown, ruined houses and other objects.
The. 454
Exhibits in Piacenza, Milan and Pavia – Shows water from the Po Sperzagni – Produces "structures colored" with bright colors and punchy.
The. 459
Exhibits in Piacenza, Rieti and Trieste – Becomes the reference of young artists from Piacenza.
The. 465
Produces iron sculptures and oils with a spatula.
The. 467
Exhibits in Piacenza, Parma.
The. 470
He died on 9 November.
The. 474
It is present in several posthumous exhibitions and various historical books.
The. 478
Show in St Augustine, Piacenza.
The. 492
Exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi, Venice.
The. 500
Show Centenary, Piacenza.
The. 507
Show in China.
The. 516